Peter and Paul discuss a life of admin vs performance, the perils of moving locations simply to reenergise a life that lacks purpose, and how to use morning pages to elicit the creative process.

  • Dr Roberto

    Excellent, keep the great work up!

  • Russell Baker

    I am unable to play audio using Firefox 34. There is no download, so if podcast doesn’t get to my iPod, I won’t be listening

    • We’ve also posted the podcast to iTunes, so you can listen there…

    • Hey Russell

      We are on Itunes and Acast now.

      We hope you can tune in.

      Peter & Paul

  • Steve Vegas

    Hey guys, just writing in on the first podcast of the Men’s Room. Take the diapers off.

    As a man in my mid 30’s, I found the topics mentioned quite interesting.
    Passions for me play a big roll in my life. Just a little background. I’m a guy, mid 30’s, single living in Australia. My profession/passion is playing poker. In and out of the country. Travelling interstate etc.

    As it is my passion to play poker for a living and ‘Yes’ I live to work, don’t think it’s been an easy road to get where I am.

    Yes, I’ve had to do all that admin stuff in the past to be where I am now. But trust me on this one… It was all worth it.

    Been living the dream close to 11 years now. But don’t think it’s still not hard work.
    Try concentrating and staying focused for 12 hours a day 4-5 days a week, not easy. But the payoff is great. As my drive, motivation, excitement, adrenaline as well as my competitive side loves to come out.

    I think not living a life of passion, is not living at all.

    The point you’s mentioned about just dipping your feet in and testing the waters is never the way to go. I believe if you have a passion for something, you must put in everything you have- Your time, energy, effort, focus everything.
    Cause that’s the only way you’ll get the full benefit of the experience you’re after.

    Back to the admin aspect of it all. Preparation I believe is key. Have all your major priorities handled before hand. If it’s constant cash flow, taking care of your health, family etc.

    Lucky for me, I got to do that at quite an early age. I guess it was a combination of taking chances, risks and of coarse a bit of luck.

    So great job guys, looking forward to episode 2.

    Steve V

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