Peter and Paul open with a discussion of The Grant Study, which highlights the deep need all men have for friendship and connection. Given finite time and attention, tradeoffs are inevitable. Who gets the biggest slice: work, friends, family or wife? Discussing the difficulty of making new friends after 30, Paul makes the distinction between true friendship and “company” and identifies the compromises which lead to “forced friendship.” Is it true that social reach decreases as a person ages, and is this inevitable? The men tackle the issue. At halftime, Paul asks the question, “Can someone truly disappear in today’s society?” Ubiquitous CCTV, social media and surveillance technology, such as Google Earth, seem to make the prospect unlikely.

  • Tony W

    Good topic guys…

    #1 skill in a new place, environment, etc. , would be “Networking.”

    ANOTHER thing to consider in this fast paced 21rst, people come-and-go. Job Transfers, Divorce, death, moving away, etc. This creates a void in one’s life if we loose our best friend through change, moves, death, etc. We become vulnerable to the changes of not only OUR LIFE’S but our friends and family too. ME THINKS the only way to combat this is 1. …continuously make new friends, 2. Accept that you really only have your-self when you come right down to it. WHEN you speak to men who have divorced, gone under financially—-a point where everyone left them, you learn that its all about YOU and how you feel about yourself. Your number 1 relationship should be about how you feel about yourself.

    Good show guys…!

    • Peter

      Hey Tony

      Pete here. I LOVE your comment. Very true. I agree networking would be best skill to have plus that your relationship with yourself is the core of all others and sets the tone and the people you attract/connect with.

      Always being open to making new friends is healthy too.

      It is sad that often other circumstances you have no control over can be a major factor but I think we can all ‘do a bit more’ to keep those challenging friendships breathing. It is worth it in the end I feel…

      Keep listening and feel free to pitch in for future topics?

      Cheers Tony,


      • Tony W

        Hey Pete,

        Good work on the shows—-i “Really Appreciate” the thought-ful subjects you guys are covering. I believe that living life comes down to individual philosophy and good judgment.

        IDEA: I think Values and Priorities would be a good subject to cover. There are so many opportunities BUT they come with a cost. Everything has its price and its foolish to ignore this paradox of life. There’s a price to pay for marriage, the single life, being an Entrepreneur, Executive, etc. What-ever choice you make precludes the doors of the other corridor.

        —What do we Value? Its an individual choice—no wrong or right. One man values Freedom above all, and others structure. Like my mother said…”…you can’t have everything Tony!” Lots of things are fun, exciting, full-filling, BUT we can’t have it all. Our Priorities preclude other choices.

        ..there will always be Critics of those who seek the Juice from Life. When you are married, single’s will criticize THAT lifestyle (ie responsibilities, kids, satisfying the wifey, loss of identity, etc). Married people will look down upon single men/women (ie empty life, no one of significance to share your time with, etc). We are all hypocrites.

        …Indeed there is a price to pay for everything.

        ~Tony W (s.fla)

  • peter

    Thanks Tony

    This week we have a great guest Yad. Re price to pay for marriage/relationships he has a different view point on pay offs to myself, and we have a good, heated discussion. We are clearly coming at it from different stand points so be interesting to get your view as Yad makes his point very well however different it is to my own.

    Be interesting to get your take on it and others too. That is EP 11.


    • Tony W

      Pete…(thanks for responding)

      Looking forward to hearing You and Paul Rap with Yad. Perhaps syndicated Radio talk for Men is in your future. We Certainly could use some “meaningful discussion” in this area—as the market for men’s talk today seems to be more concerned with women bashing and 3rd parties. Nothing really focusing on the Psy. aspect of being a Man.


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