It’s the acronym episode! Pete and Paul start the show with a discussion of N.P.D. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), admitting that they and some of their friends have the symptoms discussed. N.P.D. can limit relationships and romance, but there is power in its attitudes and beliefs – a power that propels many to celebrity and business success. Paul discloses how his playboy life in NYC encouraged such narcissism. The guys move on to G.A.F (Global Assessment of Functioning) a scale previously used by psychiatrists and psychologists to evaluate incoming patients. With ten bands that describe levels of personal functioning, the G.A.F. scale provides a sobering reminder of life’s range of outcomes and the scourge of mental illness. We end with a discussion of P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), often exacerbated by men’s reluctance to seek help. The male attitude of “self-reliance”, coupled with machismo and certain “alpha” environments (e.g. military) make it hard for men to ask for help and show vulnerability.

  • Dan

    NPD and Shakespeare. Nice work.

    My younger brother has always earned more money the more NPD he is but also failed in relationships and generally pissed people off. So if you want more money and zero friends then ranked up the NPD levels. He has toned down now and has a GF but not wanting to takeover the world.

    I actually felt at grad school that people who did not have NPD could learn from their success rate and work how to gain those traits without being a complete jackass.

    Great show guys. Can’t find any on youtube. Get a camera!

    I am Dan Pena fan too.



    • Thanks, Dan.

      Yeah, NPD is a double-edged sword. It often gets the desired reaction, at least in the short-term.
      Pete and I sometimes cook lunch/dinner after the show, as a way of keeping the conversation going (and we’re hungry!)
      I mentioned last week that we should do a video feed of us in the kitchen, because it can be pretty funny/interesting…

      Thanks for the support.
      Next week, we’ve got Kezia on, and the following week, Episode 18, will be “The Time” episode. Stay tuned!


      • TW

        Good Podcast Guys!

        Every personality type taken to its extreme becomes disorder. –Narcissism is the personality disorder of Self-Confident people.

        I know that I Isolate when i feel like i have nothing to offer my friends or others. I’M a social person, but when things are going well, i go into a cave to try and solve my problems on “my own.” This could be my downfall. On the other hand, no one knows my problems like me. Quite often when i share my problems—seeking advice—i often end up in worse shape because i get bad advice.

        Interesting….my dad was a US Marine Drill Sargent. And i noticed some of the same characteristics in him. Tough to seek help with type of facade to live up to. ITs a 2 edge sword. On one hand we need to be tough as food gather’s to go out, make the kill and bring home the bacon. On the other hand, we are vulnerable to isolation and loneliness.


        • Thanks, Tony.

          Yes, it’s a well-known fact that men struggle in middle-age, particularly if they are single. We’re taught to be self-reliant, but when our bodies and social networks start to break-down, it’s very hard to find the support and patience we need to carry on. It’s a blind spot in society, but then again, middle-age men don’t elicit much sympathy from folks.

          We’re trying to bring some of these issues to the light via the podcast.

          Thanks for your comment.


  • Tom

    Great show! Also Paul, the podcast doesn’t show up on iTunes when someone searches your name which will make it harder for fans of yours to accidentally discover it. It couldn’t hurt to have the show on the Apple Podcasts app as well. Thanks!


    • Tom

      My mistake; I see the show is available on the app but I had to type the title of the show. Thanks!


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