This week, Peter shares memories of his first film audition. Coming down from Manchester by bus, Pete beat out other kids for the part of “teenage troublemaker” in a Steve Coogan production. He shares fond memories of being on set, attending the launch party and enduring a surprise twist at the premier. Segueing into a discussion of screenwriting, Peter explains the process of “getting notes” on a script and how he’s becoming more comfortable having a “work in progress” as he matures as a writer/actor. It takes a certain confidence to show imperfect work and continue to massage it to completion. To cap off the episode, Paul shares a recent realization: there is no substitute for intimacy. He admits that in his twenties and early thirties, he didn’t need the comfort and consistency of a loving relationship; partly, this was because he had the fraternity of close male friends. But now, at 40, the alternatives to a loving intimacy appear less credible. A strong partnership is surprisingly important to Paul, and material substitutes, such as glitz and glamour, seem unworthy replacements. Peter responds.

  • Adam

    Haha you guys are hilarious mates. I think that your journey through life is pretty cool, Paul. I’ve been postively affected by your work as a dating coach; and now to see and hear about your transformation into a committed partner is inspiring changes in myself as well. Thanks for your lovely podcast guys, I’ve enjoyed tuning in. Cheers

  • Jason

    I think chasing money for the sole reason to attract women and/or intimacy you cannot get without the money is sad. Learn how to attract women/intimacy first as it is priceless and doesn’t require money. Learn how to do this consistently with any type of woman you chose with or without money.

  • Brent

    This one was very funny and seemed a little random but I liked it! Cool hearing about film and script stuff and you guys riffing.

    Pete seems like you love film man, good job. You’ve got a lot of passion and seems like a hard but good gig. Links to any films?

    Paul very genuine talking intimacy. I am at different stage in life (even thinking of heading back to college) but I get intimacy from friends and family (none sexual haha) and sexual from other places but feel where you are at and seems a good place.

    Good vibes between you two. Great podcast.

    Paul what is your main goal atm now? It is not clear. You still in dating business? ‘Marriage game’ haha.

    Great job guys.

  • Jay

    It’s all great to talk about relationships and commitment based on love. But love from a woman from my own humble experiences are absolutely conditional. If a man expects equality and fairness in a relationship with a woman where they both make equal contributions (i.e. money and time investment) it’s almost impossible in real life.

    Of course I am not saying that staying single is desirable in old age, but to expect intimacy based on unconditional love is a myth.

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