Pete hijacks the intro with a rendition of “Get Ready to Rumble,” whereupon the guys learn that silver fox Michael Buffer has made $400 million from his signature catchphrase and the $5,000,000 announcing fee he commands for each prize fight. Once Paul wrangles back some semblance of structure to the episode, the men tackle an article entitled Left on the Shelf – a cautionary tale about mid-20’s women in London who can’t find boyfriends. A large part of of the challenge for these young female professionals is choosing a mate from a smaller pool of college-educated men, and that pool looks set to dwindle. Worsening their predicament is the fact that for much of their twenties these women – by their own admission – didn’t prioritize men. Instead, they focused on career and female friends. Paul wonders if the busy-ness of young, urban professionals makes relationships passé, as calendars quickly fill up with dinners out, weekends away and drinks with friends. Living in the midst of such a stimulating environment, who has time or interest in sacrificing for a relationship?  The article quotes psychologist Dr. Juliette Puig who says, “Perfectionists and high-achievers can find it particularly hard to find a partner…” The standards such people apply to jobs or personal endeavors fail when applied to relationships, since no one is “perfect.” One woman asserts that, “if I mention a kooky art show I’ve been to and he doesn’t even try to get his head around it, that’s a real turn-off.” Paul sees a problem in this type of demand. Whereas a rigid guy can date a compliant and submissive woman for some time, perhaps tiring of her in the long-run, women face a conflict if they try to emulate this male behavior: compliant men don’t sexually arouse them. Men and women may be equal, but they certainly aren’t the same when it comes to sexual attraction.

  • Onder

    Great Episode. Just wanted to say that Paul’s final word was on the money. The issue is that women have a dual mating strategy, which is in constant conflict and is paradoxical.

    They want a Lover and a Provider. But the 2 do not go hand in hand, which leaves men scratching their heads as to how to behave in order to capture and ‘keep’ a woman’s interest.

    The PUA and Dating Market served as a solution to this, and explains why it has thrived over the last decade and why many guys involved in it are finding it difficult to settle. Providers are no longer necessary due to women having their own independence.

    You begin to see the dynamic for what it is and just can’t commit knowing you’ll lose attraction and desire. That’s essentially what the issue is. There is no middle ground.

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