Is the Dalai Lama full of shit? Peter and Paul question the credibility of someone who floats above the worldly concerns of romance and finance. Later, Peter asks, “Is achieving discipline nothing more than having a vivid imagination?” He argues that without a strong imagination it’s very difficult to be disciplined; we must be able to visualize the results we want in order to make the necessary sacrifices. Do “Reformed Rakes” make the best husbands? Paul discusses his personal transition and the perspective gained from years of reckless romancing. The episode ends with both men contemplating eternal bachelordom. Are some people designed to be permanently single, and if not, when is it “too late” to settle down?

  • Mark

    Hi guys, love the podcast, I listen to the episodes as soon as they’re put up. I think the organised format has improved it & you bounce off eachother well.

    One topic it would be interesting to hear discussed is Paul’s view on the difference between living in NYC as opposed to living in London. Having read about the horrific events (yet again) in America this week I was wondering if life over here with the stricter gun laws felt any safer, or if it’s something you don’t even think about. Aside from that, as a lot of listeners will have only lived in one country, I’m sure people would love to hear the small differences in the way of life between the two countries.

    Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the next one.

    • Hey Mark

      THANKS so much for your support, we both appreciate it. We are getting a new site up soon and some really cool stuff that will allow people to engage more.

      I think your topic is coming up next week. Paul has already shared with me his thoughts on this and he often weighs up Europe vs USA on many levels. I also have some thoughts/experiences re this.

      Thanks again for your support. Tell your friends and please share. It helps us engage with more people.

      Keep listening and keep commenting.


      Peter & Paul

  • Markos

    Hey Peter & Paul

    Great podcast !!

    Just wondering if you guys could talk on the topic of the Julien Blanc media scandal – late 2014. Was this a typical simulated media scandal or something else? Since Paul’s been interviewed on mainstream networks and received a wide amount of cultural feedback, would like to know your thoughts.

    Also, the term ‘glass ceiling’ gets thrown about in the media by women who feel there are inherent cultural limitations that affect them progressing in their chosen profession. Less admitted is the ‘glass ceiling’ that exists for men who want to progress in their dating life. Is the glass ceiling as real or worse for men – hence one reason for the popularisation of ‘game’ (as a protest or reaction to this) and consequently, the media demonising proponents of ‘game’ to try to keep the status quo?

    Markos from Melbourne, Aus

    • Thanks for the thoughtful questions, Markos. Glad you’re listening!

      Regarding the “glass ceiling” men face in dating: what do you mean, exactly?

      Are you referring to men being unable to date high-maintenance women because they can’t afford to, or guys being barred from dating the hottest girls because they don’t feel “handsome” enough?

      Please clarify so we can discuss on the show!


      • Markos

        Hey Paul,

        Thanks and love your work!

        To clarify –

        Yeah, I think in the last podcast you mentioned the fact women are often quick to disqualify a guy even though his life credentials would stack up – the ‘glass ceiling’ referring to obstacles for guys who are proactive, relatively handsome, and might view themselves as successful in most areas of life, but feel ‘game’ is the only answer to break through cultural or hypocrisy paradigms that limit a man’s access to lots of quality women.

        Even if a man has spent the time to develop his skills with women – being seen in the eyes of a smoking hott woman as ‘the complete package’ means he may have to pass a lot of other tests depending on how value oriented she is. A woman often just has to look good to get men to the party then she can filter the candidates. Men, by nature, have to present and select and more often than they’d like to admit, get chosen. But rarely it seems is a desirable woman not in a privileged position and can’t choose. A lot of women fancy men who go after what they want, but the minute they discover he knows he can get almost whatever he wants (or rather date multiple girls in order to find his suitable one) he can be labelled a player and not a suitable candidate by an entire social circle. Seems like dating for the modern man requires a lot of damage control if he doesn’t branch out into other avenues like ‘daygame’ where it’s more anonymous etc. Hence, the glass ceiling idea for you guys to potentially riff on.

        Hopefully that clarifies guys,


  • Markos

    Also Paul, linking this back to the idea that men who have broken a social norm barrier by becoming massively successful with dating – developing their own effective system etc – are sometimes eaten alive by the mainstream media. Certainly not exactly celebrated – at least initially – unless admired vicariously by other men. Hope that further clarifies so you can discuss on the show!

  • Arron

    Hey Paul,

    Loving the show.

    I heard you mention Doctor Paul in this podcast, and it had me wondering where he has disappeared to lately?

    Got your brothers program recently, really good stuff that I wish I learnt sooner.

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