This week’s episode opens with the recipe to Paul’s mustard and mint chicken. The guys talk about their own love of cooking, when it developed, and how it’s a passionate expression of masculinity. Eventually, they move on to more serious topics. When faced with limited time and a long to-do list, do you “compress” or do you “cut”? A lot of harried urban dwellers try to cram all of life’s activities into 24-hours, and businesses are happy to oblige with ready meals, 30-minute workouts, sleep “hacks” and social media that hardly substitute for quality time with friends. Is this the right approach? Paul argues that it’s better to pare down your daily routine, making room for real engagement. But this requires that we know ourselves well and trust our choices. Pete observes that what is lost in this abbreviated world is “impact” and that when we’re young and less secure, we try to keep a lot of things in play, for fear of missing out. The discussion segues into the unique character traits that drive hyper-success, as seen in Steve Jobs and Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. Pete examines the paradox of a man who was loved at a distance but often despised up-close. At the end of the episode, we return to the theme of commitment. In response to the common refrain “I’m too busy for a relationship; I’m focused on my career” Paul asks, “What is the difference between committing to a person and committing to an artistic or business project?” Interesting perspectives emerge.

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