Daiyaan Caan, an old friend and the recent founder of Bizz stopped by to discuss ambition and what I call the “Billionaire Bust-Up!” Bizz is among the first fully-online business schools, and is set to launch this fall. Daiyaan is a 24-year old digital entrepreneur who’s been very successful in the online dating advice market, working on a freelance basis for many of the well-know names in the industry. On today’s show, he discusses how global ambition can hijack someone’s 20’s with the promise of untold riches. Paul describes how his 30’s taught him the value of adequate money, rather than the binary outcomes tantalizing young tech entrepreneurs: Billions or Bankruptcy. Pete, Daiyaan and Paul also discuss the difference between global ambitions (Facebook, Uber) and more local, personal ambitions (teaching, parenthood, civic responsibilities). Is there a way for us to have dignity even if we don’t aspire to change the world?

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