Today’s short episode tackles a common problem: pressure from the girlfriend to “get serious.” To be clear, this can work the other way, too, with an older man trying to domesticate a “party girl” who wants to stay out till 2 a.m. Here, we talk about a specific guy who is faced with a choice between abandoning his dreams to buckle down and get a “real” job and a steady paycheck, because his girlfriend wants to move the relationship forward… Or, he can jettison the broad and gallop off into the horizon, unfettered. Pete and Paul discuss the dynamics of this situation and offer a third way forward! Next, we review a short piece in the London Evening Standard entitled The earning curve by Phoebe Luckhurst. The synopsis reads, “In your early twenties, friends have similar salaries – but as careers take off in different directions holidays, dinners and flatshares become political.” Peter and Paul reveal their own experiences juggling friendship groups comprised of diverse earners (and spenders).

  • Onder

    There’s a really great book that focuses on the female timeline that I think you would both find interesting. It’s called ‘The Rational Male: Preventive Medicine’. It’s a really good book that goes into the Biology and Sociology of what women do at different stages of life.

    I can relate to it by just this recently, splitting with my ex girlfriend whose 29. We split up because I was afraid to progress knowing she wanted to move things too quickly. She eventually moved onto an older guy who seems more secure and set up financially.

    As much as we try to sugar coat things. Money is very important if a man is to think about settling down. Women know this intuitively.

    • Peter

      Onder. I agree.

      It becomes important to a man and even more important to a women in general, I find, when looking long term.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • JR

    Is it money that’s important to women specifically or is it the sense of safety that money and a stable, socially respectable job provides? I’m only 32 but I’ve never had girlfriends express concerns over getting ‘serious’ and wanting me to ditch my freelance creative career for something a little more conventional. I’m guessing the reason for that is I try not to project any insecurities onto her during my down periods since I’m experienced enough to know they’re only temporary. Luckily, so far so good.

    I’n my experience women will settle for, maybe even prefer the feeling that everything is okay, over being given hard facts that everything is okay. If that makes sense…

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