Paul butchers an article in The Economist entitled Who makes a good father? Based on a man’s testosterone response to a porn video, researchers can tell if he’ll be a) “someone predisposed to living a settled life involving marriage and children” or b) “prone to living life in the fast lane with frequent flings and little commitment.” Something called the Mini-K test, used by psychologists, can measure how “socially embedded” an individual is, meaning how much a man cares how society judges him and accepts him. After the commercial break, Peter and Paul talk about the common conundrum facing a guy with an idea and no money – he has to work with his friends because he’s got no cash to hire professionals. Sometimes a couple of guys in a garage can make an Apple Computer, but Pete discusses the pitfalls of working in a young enterprise in which individuals do not have clearly defined roles. How can you work with your friends and divvy up an “idea” equitably? Lastly, and inevitably, the guys discuss the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. There’s no spoiler alert, since we haven’t seen it, but we talk about the early movies and what George Lucas did well, and what he didn’t. Lucas’ brainchild has spawned Skywalker Sound, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic and countless innovations in special effects and audio. Paul is in awe of the power of a single idea, well-executed.

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