Welcome to 2016! Peter and Paul launch right into it with a shortish episode on two topics. First, The Grand Tour, as practiced by young aristocratic men in the 17th century. Starting in London and then moving to Paris, Geneva and Northern Italy (via the Alps) to Florence, Rome and sometimes Naples, these educational rites of passage exposed privileged men of the day to new cultures, languages, cuisine, customs, and presumably, hot young women! Peter talks about the modern-day equivalent – the Gap Year – and how important it is to broaden a young man’s palette. Next, we discuss how our personal affinity for concrete/tactile engagements (acting, painting, pick-up, cooking) rather than more abstract engagements (finance, private equity, planning) can determine where we end up. Paul admits that he has a hard time engaging with complex projects that have a distant payoff. Instead, he tends to live in the moment, savouring the texture of the conversation, the taste of the steak, or the way the brush leaves a beautiful trail of azure on paper. The guys discuss how this affects their lives…

Image: Basil © 2016 Paul Janka

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