This week, Paul laments the Death of the Frontman. Years back, a handsome, well-spoken man in a suit could move mountains. He was in demand as the head of a company, the rainmaker at a law firm, a schmoozer at the Ad Agency – the many Don Drapers that greased the wheels of industry. Are there still roles like this in society? In an increasingly meritocratic and tech-driven economy, it seems substance is rising above style. Witness Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs or Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire creator of Facebook. Rare is the showman like Steve Jobs whose charisma and flair can entrance customers, employees and investors. Paul makes the case that the final two bastions of the handsome frontman are Hollywood and the Oval Office. Next, Peter and Paul discuss middle-aged men getting back in the game, and the difficulty of developing a posse after 40. There are a number of reasons for this, and the guys identify the challenges faced by men in such a position. Paul brings up a final point: men who really want to play the game after forty face a ton of social stigmatisation – also known as “shaming.” In a classic double-standard, this type of social ostracism rarely affects single, middle-aged women.

  • Interesting podcast! Very informative, actionable, and much more mature than typical resources for men nowadays.

    When you mentioned how some middle aged men are obsessed with younger women it reminded me of a coworker. He’s close to 50 but is constantly talking about how he’d like to hook with women in their early 20’s. Needless to say, people think he’s weird. Seems to an extent,though, it’s fine for a man to go several years younger. I’m 30 and my girlfriend is 24. This seems to be socially acceptable. Flip this around and the woman is 30 and the guy is 24 and people tend to frown wondering why she chose such a younger man. It’s interesting how the dating dynamics work.

    Anyways, keep up with the good podcasts!

    • Thanks, Mitchel. Appreciate the support. We’ve got some good episodes lined-up and hoping for some star guests this year! Keep listening and spread the word, we need all the support we can get!

      • I’ve been trying to spread the word about this site. I wasn’t sure of any other way to contact you so I decided to do it on here. (I’m expecting you obviously not to approve this comment)

        Anyhow, not sure if you noticed or not, but I have my own site, I am trying to focus on very basic but actionable tips for guys. Although I’ve written a lot of dating advice so far, I plan on focusing on fitness, style, and grooming as well. Making this all very hands on stuff for guys that are serious about improving. Free time hasn’t so plentiful but I am going to redesign the site within the next couple weeks.

        Anyhow, I get a decent amount of private messages as I interact well with others on my blog and the number #1 question is in regards to “dating after college.” Guys feel they missed out and it’s game over now. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a podcast on this with me (with Peter as well if he’s available)? I know you’re a busy guy but if you swing it, I would really appreciate it.

        Some of the points I wanted to discuss:

        – you’re at a different stage in your life and money is probably more important now
        – you have a wide age range of women to chose (20-35, some men make the mistake of only going for women their own age)
        – you may be the kind of guy women want to meet but don’t have the time (hard to line up dates and even meet women in general)
        – relying on social circle too much (should be approaching some women in public (pass up on women giving them “the eyes” in public, online dating, bars once in a while if that’s your thing. relying on social circle too much can cause “gaps”)
        – guys panic when they start to get “marriage shaming” and settle for a bad woman
        – depending on the guy, you could be in the prime of your looks in your late 20’s
        – could be the best dating yours of your life (I know ages 28-29 were wild times for me)
        – you’re more stable, mature, and likely on your way up.
        – moving to a bigger city may be a help if you can (more women to choose from if you’re short on time)

        If you could back me to here, I would greatly appreciate it.

        Looking forward to great podcasts this year from you guys.

  • Denise

    Speaking of “the frontman,” you guys should discuss in one of your upcoming podcasts one of the greatest frontmen off all time, British rock star David Bowie, who recently passed away. In addition to being a monster artist within the music industry who changed the way we looked at rock stars, stage performance, and even rock music for that matter, he was also a gifted actor (both on film and on stage). See “The Man Who Fell To Earth” and his Broadway performance of “The Elephant Man” from 1980. Of course he was a professionally trained actor before he ever got into music professionally. He was also a gifted painter, and served on the editorial board of Modern Painters Magazine. He also started BowieNet in the late 90’s, the first artist created internet service provider. BowieNet aimed to provide subscribers with (at the time) a high-speed Internet connection, email service, a unique Bowie browser, a community for fans to interact and exchange ideas, build customizable home pages and get access to digital releases of unreleased new music. It was the first “artist-created” ISP and possibly the first instance of what we now call “social media.” The guy was a total visionary. He was a man who was known for taking creative risks that most people in entertainment wouldn’t dare hazard. I think he would make for some great discussion because so much of what you guys talk about is embodied in him. Here is a great article from musician Michael Beinhorn that really captures Bowie’s legacy and what we could all learn from him as entrepreneurs, artists and just ordinary people:

  • Danny

    Hey Paul, Great Podcast, Do you still tutor Economics to Alevel students (pre-colllege course). Please get in touch if you do tutor

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