The guys take on a triplet of topics. First off, they discuss the benefits and pitfalls of working from home. A high proportion of new start­-ups, both in the US and the UK, are one­-person shops. One of the unforeseen difficulties of working at home/alone is the lack of community, a real challenge for people who don’t have other fixed social engagements like church or sport. Peter and Paul discuss their experience as entrepreneurs and writers and how they combat such social isolation. Next, we discuss the importance of single-­sex socializing; the safety of male­-only spaces where men can discuss frustrations, regrets, fears and vulnerabilities. Sexual and social posturing make co­-ed environments difficult places for people to “take off their masks.” Paul discusses his first­-hand experience of the power of men, alone in a room. Finally, stoking controversy, Paul asks, “Where does sexual shaming come from?” He advances a bold thesis and the discussion becomes incendiary.

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