Is resizing your ambition in midlife an admission of failure, or simply a practical move when other commitments, like family, crowd out the time? Pete and Paul discuss their own journeys with outsized ambition and the new responsibilities that come with married life. Moving on to entrepreneurship, Pete makes the case that starting small is the best way to achieve big dreams and a good way to gauge if you’re really passionate about something. Pitching the “Big Idea” may be counterintuitive, argues Pete. Both men explore the “Death of the Entourage,” a phenomenon that plagues urban males as they hit thirty-five.

  • Paul Comrie

    Hi Paul and Pete,

    I just listened to your most recent podcast. Very thoughtful and engaging material. I’m 35 and creative and an entrepreneur. Life is starting to settle in but I am single and it has been tough to get the right balance. I found the most interesting subject was men not being able to have it all and men perhaps being more successful whilst in long term relationships. I’m keen to listen to your next podcast.

    Bonne route!

    • Thanks, Paul. Yes, coming to terms with tradeoffs is hard, but a big step towards maturity, I’ve found.

    • Peter

      Hey Paul

      Thanks for this. Really hear you. Takes time to establish yourself.

      Thanks for listening. We are new so spread the word. Appreciate your support and we are on iTunes now.

      Keeps listening and keep commenting!

    • Hey Paul

      How are you finding settling? Do you have the feeling of ‘missing out’ or are you settled in choices?

      Thanks for your comment and we would keen to hear your view and how you are getting on.

      Many Thanks

      Peter & Paul.

  • Doug

    Great stuff.

    The entourage dies. It is sad moment. It happens suddenly. Need to regroup and recruit.

    Love this podcast. Cool that one guy is 30 and single Mr Paul Janka is married now.

  • James Dewhurst

    These really are awesome. Can’t wait for the 5th instalment…

    • Thanks – We are just about to put it on iTunes. We had a great guest in this week, too.

    • Thanks alot James.

      We will soon be on other platforms and a new shinny site.

      Please feel free to post topics of interest.

      Keep listening!

  • Tony W

    Hey Guys,

    Good work on the site.

    Suggestion: If Pete could stop interrupting Paul, when he’s trying to get a point across, Paul would be better able to remember his point…haha. Let Paul complete his thought(s) and the conversation would flow better and be more effective. (just a suggestion). 😉

    *** When it comes to settling down and reaching the middle ages, there is a trade off. Some men won’t settle for lack-luster sex just to have someone to come home to. I see too many men come home to a depressed wife, pile of bills, frustrated sex life, who have to seek sexual tension release outside the home, and then get hit with a Hefty divorce that breaks their bank account and spirit. Get a Dog, a Hamster, Guinea Pig, etc. When i come home, I want a women to have diner on the table and be dressed in Lingerie. Maybe I’m hoping for too much. haha 🙂 Paul’s Right…you can’t have everything—-its a Paradox.

    thanks again guys!

  • Eric

    Please make the audio louder, the track is not audible sometimes. Love the podcasts so far though.

  • Tony D

    Love the podcast i think paul janka should do a interview with Tom Leykis on so he can promote his teachings more beyond. What you think guys?

  • Steve Vegas

    Never too old to dream big – Depending on your responsibilities. Keep moving forward.
    I think when the time comes to give up on your dream.. If you have to, is when something either better comes along of if something happens which inevitably will derail you off that course.

    With anything. Relating to creating something for yourself as you mentioned The Convention yous are planning. I think you should think big, but actually do what you are capable of doing. You don’t want to think small and could of exceeded that by miles. Or continue to aim too high and not be able to achieve your expectations – I think keep it moderate to what you can actually achieve. So you’re not either disappointed that you could of done better, or get into something with wishful thinking to be disappointed in the end.
    But of course strive to be big. I mean, who starts something to be small. We all want the big outcome. But there’s no shame in taking several steps to get there.

    Very true what you guys said about your friends settling down young. And I’m left as the creative guy. That means having to make new friends that are on the same path as you.

    I don’t mind being a Lone Ranger when it comes to pickup. Cause I know I can get women over for company etc. But also, I know my friends who are into different things eg. Married, Poker players are always going to be there.

    Talking about when a best friend gets a girlfriend and is taken away from you, I have experienced many times. And have done it myself. The way I see it is, at the begging, yes, they want to spend quite a bit of extra time with the female for different needs being met. But they don’t nessesarly forget about their friends. But as time passes, I think they find a comfort within that relationship and with the new needs being met. Then find it hard to break out of it cause they got so used to it.
    That’s why guys who get divorced find it very hard to get back out there into the field and start playing the game again.
    But at least once in a while, I think it’s healthy for the relationship to spend time apart to hang out with your friends.

    About Responsibilities – Not many here..

    Steve V

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