We kick off the podcast with some comments about Craig Ferguson and his ability to deliver a gripping, touching story about his brush with suicide (during his heavy drinking days) whilst being charming and hilarious. (link below)
Craig is well known for quick whit and ability to charm the female guests on his show, even as a much older man. The guys discuss this and it’s merits.
Paul then kicks off by looking into Twinkie and the great American brands. He talks about a very interesting case where the company was failing but a fresh new corporate approach allowed the brand to re surface and thrive. He points out that none of the leaders of that company would be seen dead eating their own product though and asks the question, is that important? They explore the idea of morality in peddling a product/business for success without any attachment in the actual item? We also look how at the qualities you need to be a founder of a business appose to taking Global. Do founders need to stand aside to allow growth and sustainability?
Peter then weaves in the story of Ray Croc (not the founder of McDonalds but the man who took it global) and also the Michael Keaton movie ‘The Founder.’ No real spoilers (a mini one maybe) but we look at how Ray took it from a small single restaurant into the global beast it is today and the personalty that is required to take such a leap.
We address the usual moves high hitting guys like this make such as cutting out old business partners harshly and divorcing long serving wife for a younger woman. Is this always the inevitable?
As always with Diapers Off the boy banter and go off topic in this energetic, engaging conversation between Peter and Paul.
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