There are many uncomfortable tradeoffs that younger guys refuse to acknowledge but that come crashing to the fore when marriage, kids and mortgage take centre stage. Is it possible for a guy to retain his masculinity but also play by society’s rules and expectations? Listeners often have a sense that something’s wrong in own lives, but look to Peter and Paul to help articulate the problem clearly without handing out prescriptions as they are still trying to figure out the challenges for themselves.

We often have special guests male and female and the show appeals to wide age-range and both genders surprisingly.

The key to Diapers Off success is firstly Peter and Paul’s chemistry and different energies and secondly that Paul is 40, former playboy, entrepreneur now happily married (at the time of launch) and Peter is 31, writer, film maker and runs own business but still happily single (at the time of launch) so coming at the ‘Golden Decade’ from different viewpoints.

Who is Peter?

Made in Manchester, 10 years a Londoner. Peter has had a very varied, exciting life in the big smoke. A classical trained Actor, Peter took some time out to focus on entrepreneurship and bachelor living, in the centre of one of the most exciting cities in world. He founded creative events, concierge and promotions company Vesper Black and also Vesper White which brought a lot of sizzle to the party. Now, as he enters his 30’s he is not involved in the day to day operations of the company as he focuses on building his film company and career which requires moving away from the party lifestyle.

Peter’s Indie Film, Solace (which he wrote and directed) is showing at Cannes Film festival 2016 and ‘The Final Frolic’ produced by RADA  and Warners Brothers is screening at The RADA festival in 2016 with a view to produce into a television series.

Relationships, growing up, responsibility, creativity, film, theatre, focus and achieving ambitious goals, are topics that fascinate Peter as he tries to navigate the decade where men must ‘make good’ on all the ‘experiences’ and insights and deliver.

Peter was 30 at the birth of the podcast and just entered ‘The Golden Decade.’

Who is Paul?

Romancer Extraordinaire Paul Janka has finally settled down and carved out a domestic niche in one of the world’s most dynamic and culturally relevant cities: London. Fresh off the marriage-go-round, he’s downshifting to a life of home-cooked dinners, ironed bedsheets and nighttime snuggles.

Never fear, though, as he’s got a lifetime of memories from the streets of New York to inform this lively weekly chat with his good buddy and co-host Mr. Peter McSweeney. Paul has led several lives already as he embarks on his 40’s: California sportsman, Harvard physicist, Hollywood studio assistant, Wall Street hedge funder, Professional Pick-Up Artist, SAT tutor and Heartbreaker of many.

Closing the door on his 30’s was a significant event for Paul, capped off by the marriage to his beloved, and he’s here at Diapers Off! to share the lessons learned, the regrets suffered and the wisdom gained on his crooked path to manhood.

Paul was just 40 at the birth of the podcast and just left ‘The Golden Decade.’